Burning Foot Beer Festival

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Burning Foot Beer Festival is a celebration of beer, beach, art and music. The festival will be held August 25th along Lake Michigan’s beautiful lakeshore in Muskegon, MI, offering the perfect way to end the summer. Beach camping and barefoot entry make it unique, the Brewers’ Ring makes it extraordinary.

How much is each ticket to Burning Foot?
– G.A Tickets are $50.00 per ticket
– G.A Tickets include 15 drink tickets and tasting glass.
– DD Tickets are $20 per ticket
– Tent Camping – $50
– RV/Trailer Camping – $100
– SandBox Tickets – $125

What are the hours of Burning Foot?
Festival hours will run from 3pm to 9pm on Saturday Aug. 25th 2018. Now if you are a Lakeshore Brewers Guild enthusiast member you will receive 1 Hour early entry allowing you to enter the ground at 2pm.

How do I become a Lakeshore Brewers Guild Enthusiast member?
The link below will bring you to the signup area for the enthusiast members, you will still need to purchase a Burning Foot Ticket to get into the festival but your enthusiast membership will get you in 1 hour earlier before anyone else as well as some other cool stuff that comes along with your membership.

Lakeshore Breweries Unite to Form New Lakeshore Brewers Guild

New Guild to Support Craft Beer and Beer Tourism Along Lake Michigan’s Shoreline

Over the winter, as the owners of Muskegon’s Unruly Brewing Company and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company enjoyed a few pints together and discussed ways that they could join forces to benefit the local craft beer industry, an idea began to take form. If the heart of the craft beer industry is making exceptional beer, then the industry’s soul is its collaborative spirit. As the number of breweries along the Lake Michigan shoreline continues to grow, this group of friends saw an opportunity to foster that sense of collaboration and strengthen the local craft beer community. This opportunity is the Lakeshore Brewers Guild.

Although yet in its infancy, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild has set out to make an impact. This August, the Guild will hold its first event, Burning Foot Beer Festival. Taking place on Muskegon’s beach this August, Burning Foot will be a celebration of craft beer and the lakeshore’s stunning natural beauty. Local music, food, and art will also be highlighted throughout the festival, ensuring that festivalgoers experience the full flavor of life along the lakeshore. Of course, Burning Foot is just the beginning. From there, the Guild will explore other festivals along the Lakeshore as it works to build a mecca for those who love both incredible beer and inspiring scenery.

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In addition to hosting festivals, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild intends to promote the local craft beer industry and the lakeshore’s natural beauty. As a supplement to the Michigan Brewers Guild, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild will only focus on counties that touch Lake Michigan. Throughout these counties, the Guild will work with its members to build the “Lakeshore Ale Trail,” a region rich in craft breweries, natural beauty, and the economic benefits that flow from successful locally-owned and oriented businesses. Joint advertisement and cooperative support will allow Guild members to grow while also establishing the region as a “beer tourism” hotspot. Through these collaborative efforts, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild hopes to become a driving force in supporting both its members and local economies.

For inquiries please email info@lakeshoreguild.beer